Yale Pro/Ams Rules Update and Confirmation

If you signed up for the Yale Pro/Ams tournament, please check that you received an email with information about the tournament. If you did not receive said email contact us at umassparlidebate@gmail.com.

Also note that this will be our first tournament will we will be attending that utilizes “tight -link” style of debate. This is what the rule difference means:

According to the Yale tournament director:
“What “tight link/’motions'” means is that we will release a motion 15 minutes for the round and the teams will debate that motion. Debaters may only consult with their partner during these fifteen minutes and not with other teammates/coaches/the internet. That means there is no need to have prepared cases. The gov team will generally give a brief model of the motion that sets up the parameters for debate, and otherwise the debate will proceed like any other APDA round.”

According to APDA:
A tight link forces the Prime Minister to link to and argue a case that complies with a position prompted by the resolution. Examine the tight link resolution “This house would legalize freedom.” The Prime minister could link to a case about legalizing drugs, legalizing gay marriage or embargoing China until it granted freedom of the press. A link to the case “We should fix an explosive collar around every US citizen, so that we can terminate trouble makers” would be poor, because the fascist policy proposed above does not legalize freedom in any meaningful sense. Poor tight links can be a voting issue against the government.”

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