Executive Board

President: Emily Mercer


Emily Mercer is a senior studying Political Science and History. She is from Los Angeles, CA and has developed a passion for debate through her involvement in it for the last 8 years. This is her fourth year serving on the team’s Executive Board, and she is proud to be President this year. In her free time, she helps high school students develop their debate and public speaking skills. Her favorite topics to debate are often centered around education and various social issues; however, she loves to hear the diverse subjects the members of the debate team bring to the table each week.


Vice President (Fall): Erin Hunter

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Erin Hunter is a third year History major from North Reading, MA. She began debating during her freshman year of college and quickly developed a passion for writing about and debating important issues. She is specifically interested in economic and legal topics, but loves to learn about different subjects through a diverse range of debate cases. This is Erin’s first year serving on the team’s Executive Board as Vice President.





Vice President (Spring): Cam Bonnell

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Treasurer: Joe Liebert

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Public Relations (Fall): Erin Crowell



Erin Crowell is a third year communications major from Scituate, MA. She debated for three years at the high school level, becoming captain of her high school’s debate team. As a freshman she joined UMass Amherst Parliamentary Debate team, where she was elected secretary, and then moved to being the public relations head. She enjoys debating moral and philosophical topics.




Public Relations (Spring): Stephanie LaPlante

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Stephanie LaPlante is a sophomore from Albertson, New York. Stephanie joined debate her freshman year and has competed on the team ever since. She appreciates the skills debate has taught her. Her favorite debate topics are policy debates as well as debates about pop culture.


Secretary: Elise Greene

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Elise Greene is a sophomore from Norfolk, Mass. She participated in debate in High School for 3 years, eventually becoming captain her senior year. She loves to debate controversial topics and play devil’s advocate; however, her favorite debates are often the fun light-hearted topics.

Debate Education: Jake Goldman

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Jake Goldman is a sophomore Computer Science major from New York, NY. He joined the UMass Parliamentary Debate team in his freshman year after four years of high school debate, during which he served as his team’s Novice Director. His favorite debates are typically about educational policy or international relations, but he’s always excited for a fun case about music, film, or other entertainment.

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