Executive Board

President: Erin Hunter

Erin Hunter is a senior History major from North Reading, Massachusetts. She joined the UMass Debate Society her freshman with no prior debate experience, but she quickly realized it was something she loved to do. She enjoys writing cases and debating about history and legal policy. Outside of debate, you can find Erin playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends or cheering on any Boston sports teams!


Vice President of External Operations: Jason Alder


Jason Alder is a senior majoring in Spanish and minoring in Catalan and Modern European Studies. Originally from Alabama, he is a transplant from the IPDA format of debate. He loves to write cases about the arts, mythology, and legislation. When he’s not debating, he is probably tap dancing, talking about Catalan independence, or being dramatic.


Vice President of Internal Operations: Elise Greene

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Elise Greene is a Junior from Norfolk, Mass studying Psychology. She participated in debate in High School for 3 years, eventually becoming captain her senior year. She loves to debate controversial topics and play devil’s advocate; however, her favorite debates are often the fun light-hearted topics.

Vice President of Education: Elizabeth Carroll

Elizabeth is a sophomore Economics and Legal Studies major from Dedham, MA. Her true passion in life is making the E-Board emails less boring. The former captain of her high school debate team that was founded her freshman year, Elizabeth is super excited to help the UMass Debate Society grow!


Vice President of Public Relations: Stephanie LaPlante

Stephanie LaPlante is a Junior Political Science major from Long Island, New York. Stephanie joined debate her freshman year and has competed on the team ever since. She appreciates the skills debate has taught her and the many friendships she has made through the team. Her favorite debate topics are policy debates as well as debates about pop culture.

Vice President of Finance: Joe Liebert

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Joe is a senior Corporate Finance major with a minor in Environmental Science and an interest in Energy Law. He is from Westborough, MA, and enjoys spending time outside with his dogs. Joe joined the UMass Debate Society as a freshman with no experience; his favorite debate topics include environmental and foreign policy.

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