Update for Spring 2021

Due to the varying time zones and housing situations of our members, we are temporarily removing the distinction between Competition Team and Club Team (see below).

Spring 2021 Requirements

  • Judge at least one round at an online APDA tournament
    • Can be excused for time zone, internet access and work schedules
  • Attend at least one practice per week
  • Write at least one new case, following the new Debate-a-base process
  • Competing is NOT required, but registration fees will be covered without a limit
    • Reach out 2 weeks in advance of the weekend you wish to compete

Pre-Pandemic Model

There are two ways to be a part of the University of Massachusetts Debate Society: Competition Team and Club Team. Anyone can join the Club Team by attending our regular practices, but the Competition Team requires an application at the beginning of the semester.

Prior experience is not needed in order to gain acceptance onto the competition team; we are looking individuals who are driven to do well with the team!

Competition Team Perks

  • Travel to other colleges to compete in tournaments
  • Attend social events with local debate teams
  • Gain membership to the American Parliamentary Debate Association
    • Network with hundreds of students in the American Parliamentary Debate Association
  • Run for a position on the Executive Board

Requirements for joining the Competition Team

  • Acceptance onto the team through our application process
    • Individuals who have previously competed with UMass Parliamentary Debate need to fill out an application as well.
  • Attend at least 2 tournaments each semester
  • Develop at least 2 debate cases per semester
  • Cannot exceed 2 unexcused absences from meetings per semester
    • If you have a regular scheduling conflict (i.e. a class on Thursday nights) please talk to us so we can try to make accommodations for you.

Club Team

If you are not accepted on to the Competition Team this semester, you have a busy semester, or you simply do not feel ready for the Competition Team, the Club Team is for you! Individuals are welcome to come to practices, learn about debate, and develop their skills. Debate is an incredibly enriching activity that is historically inaccessible, so the Club Team gives everyone a chance to be a part of the UMDS community.