Meet our ambitious UMDS Members! Click on each “class year” to get more in depth bios!

class of 2o22

  • Samantha Hano, Public Health and Psychology
  • Elise Greene, Psychology
  • Stephanie LaPlante, Political Science
  • Mike Holmes, History (and Masters in Public Policy)
  • Julia Sicard, Environmental Science
  • Jack Anschultz, Political Science and Economic

class of 2023

  • Elizabeth Carroll, Economics and Legal Studies
  • Shayan Raza, Economics and Legal Studies
  • Eric Trueswell, Political Science
  • Malak Hajiyeva, Microbiology
  • Nicole Berglund, Microbiology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

class of 2024

  • Sam Mackin, Economics and Legal Studies
  • Presley Forrest, Political Science
  • Armaan Sheth, Computer Science
  • Skye McMorris, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Abbey D’Angelo, Classics & English

class of 2025

  • Sophia Farinella, Political Science & Spanish
  • Armaan Sheth, Computer Science
  • Tiffany Zhang, Computer Science
  • Conor Johnston, Political Science, Legal Studies & Psychology
  • Brian Forgue, Political Science
  • John Ablonczy Political Science, Math & Computer Science