Let us here from you!

Hey everyone,

With are season over, we would like to take some time and reflect on the year to see where we could improve. Part of that includes getting feedback from our team members. Here you will find a brief survey asking about you experience with the team and how we could improve. Please take a little bit of time to fill it out. Thanks, and good luck with the last bit of the semester!


Weekly meeting update

Since we are approaching the end of our season, we will no longer be having Thursday meetings. We only have a few more Tuesday meetings left, so be sure to attend if you can! Thursday meetings will resume at the beginning of the next school semester.

Dartmouth Prep this Week!

Hey everyone,

This week we will be preparing for the Dartmouth Tournament this weekend. If you are signed up be sure to attend the meetings and have some cases prepared for us to help you with.

Both meetings, Tuesday and Thursday, will be held at 7pm in Machmer e33. See you all there!

Providence College Practice!

Hey all, today, 3/23, we will be having our regular Thursday practice in Machmer e33 at 7pm. If you are attending this weekends tournament you should be attending this meeting. Please remember to bring your tournament registration fee. Everyone else is also more than welcome to come to the meeting. See you all tonight!

Meetings 3/7 and 3/9

Hey everyone, despite this being the last week before spring break, we will still be having our regularly scheduled meetings this Tuesday, 3/7, and Thursday, 3/9. Both meetings will be in Machmer e33 at 7pm. Best of luck on your midterms and hope to see you all at the meetings!