American PARLIAMENTARY Debate association

We compete primarily in American Parliamentary Debate Association, the oldest intercollegiate debate league in the United States. For a general overview of APDA, check out this guide on the APDA Website.

British PARLIAMENTARY debate

We have a goal to learn British Parliamentary (BP) debate in the 2020-2021 academic year. We encourage you to check out this guide from the Edinburgh University Debate Union. British Parliamentary tournaments occur all over the world and we are excited to start competing!

umds member resources

Upon joining UMDS, our members have access to our Debate-a-base, a shared Google Drive folder streamlined with resources to prepare everyone for success. The Debate-a-base holds hundreds of our members’ cases,  100+ recorded APDA rounds and countless guides on the fine points of debate. Additionally, we provide our members with guides to join the APDA Forum and the numerous APDA Facebook groups and pages.